The top 8 Smart Bike Helmets for Biking or Motorcycling 2018 – BUYERS GUIDE

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Over the past decades, people have been using their good old trusty helmets when biking or motorcycling. But over these last few years, new technology of all shapes and sizes have been cropping up like mushrooms everywhere. So with every little thing in our lives being “smartened” up, why not turn the good old helmets into smart helmets too? Believe it or not, best smart helmets have been here for quite some time and you won’t believe the kinds of technology they’ve evolved into. So if you’re an avid cyclist or moto cross fan or if you’re an avid technology geek, or better yet, if you’re both of those, let’s get on to business and check what these helmets are all about.I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

1. LIVALL MT1 Smart Bike Helmet with Bluetooth Speakers

Livall is one of the world’s leading producers of smart sports related gears and accessories. The Livall MT1 Smart Bike Helmet is equipped with 8 LED lights that are full colored. Aside from aesthetic purposes, these tail lights also function as turn indicators which will signal whether you are turning right or left. This is a pretty nifty feature especially if your turn lights are broken or you’re having issues with them. It is also equipped with Bluetooth speakers that enables the rider to listen to music or take calls while their hands are full on the steering handles. And an additional safety feature about this helmet is that it has SOS alerts so that when it feels that the helmet has hit at a large impact, it will send out SOS signals to your emergency contacts on your phone.

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Conclusion: From the features discussed above, who wouldn’t want this kind of helmet, right? Especially if you are a motorcycle fan or a cyclist. You would really need this when you are riding alone to ensure your safety.

  •  The helmet is equipped with SOS signals
  •  It has LED turning lights
  •  It looks pretty cool
  • Bluetooth speakers can be a distraction when riding in traffic

2. Lumos Smart Bike Helmet with Wireless Turn Signal

The Lumos Smart Bike Helmet will definitely get you noticed on the road due to its 10 White LED lights attached on the front, 38 small red LED lights on the back and 11 orange LED lights on each side. You’d definitely look pretty bright and luminous with this one. When you think about it, the placement of the lights seem to be likened to that of a car. White lights on the front, red lights as taillights and orange lights as turning signal lights. And the niftiest part of this all is that the orange lights indeed function as turn signal lights to help those behind you identify where you’re going next. And when you press on the handbrake, the red lights at the back will turn on too!




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Conclusion: This is a great second choice for a smart bike helmet. With the absence of the Bluetooth speakers, the functions of this one are really useful. White lights on the front as head lights, red lights at the back as taillights and orange lights on the side as turn signal lights. For sure, this helmet is both cool and functional.

  •  Great functionality
  •  Looks great
  •  Has 6 hours battery life
  • Can be distracting to others
  • Other lights don’t turn on sometimes

3. Coros LINX Smart Cycling Helmet with SOS Alert

This smart helmet has an open ear structure which is a plus since it makes the readers comfortable with their helmets. Although it has open ear structure, you could still listen to some music from Bluetooth connectivity with its Bone Conduction technology that delivers music to your ears. It comes with a smartphone app that is really helpful to riders. The app helps with GPS functionality to help you determine where you’re going. It also has SOS function wherein it sends SOS signals to your emergency contacts upon feeling that your helmet has had impact with a solid surface. This is a very useful tool since it makes sure that you are safe even when you’re riding alone.




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Conclusion: The smart cycling helmet from Coros is another great find for cyclists out there. The greatest thing about this one is that it has SOS function. You would most definitely need this when you are riding alone to ensure you would be found by the right people immediately in case of unavoidable accidents.

  • This smart helmet has SOS function to make sure you are rescued in case of accidents
  • It has open ear structure but still delivers music to ears
  • It also has a smartphone app that is very useful when you need GPS in your travels
  • Does not have LED lights functionality

4. Livall BH60 Bike and Motorcycle Smart Safety Helmet

Here is another safety helmet from LIVALL. This one is good for both cycling and for use with motorcycles. Like the first one from Livall on this list, this also has smart LED lighting composed of 6 rear LED lights to ensure visibility by others on the road and 8 LED taillights to indicate the direction you are going. This one is also built with wireless Bluetooth speakers that delivers music to your ears without the need for wireless headphones and earphones. Plus it has a built-in microphone so you can take calls hands free and without the need for Bluetooth headsets while riding on the road. This also comes with the SOS functionality as well. And aside from the SOS functionality, it comes installed with a Walkie-Talkie function so that you can communicate with others on your riding team, provided that they have the same helmet or brought a Walkie-Talkie with them.

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Conclusion: This is another great product produced by Livall. Aside from its pleasing aesthetics, it also has great built in functionality that every rider would need. These include, LED indicator lights, SOS function, Walkie-Talkie function and wireless Bluetooth headset functionality.

  • Has SOS function for emergencies
  • This has a built in microphone and speakers for hands free calling and wireless music listening
  • It has Walkie-Talkie function for communicating with your riding team
  • Does not come with a GPS function
  • No LED lights at the front

5. KSCAT Adult Bluetooth Smart Helmet with Mircophone

This smart helmet is made by KSCAT and is also good for cycling. Like other ones mentioned on this list, it is equipped with Bone Conduction technology that enables the rider to listen to music delivered to their ears even with the open ear helmet structure. Aside from music, Bone Conduction technology also helps with taking hands free calls because the helmet itself is also equipped with a wireless microphone so you won’t need to wear any external Bluetooth headsets while riding. Unlike the others, this one comes with built in goggles that can be used especially if you are riding in windy or sandy conditions and you don’t want anything getting into your eyes. But if you are not in the mood to use the built in goggles, you have the option to put it away by using the goggle switch on top of the helmet.

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Conclusion: This is a good smart helmet to buy since it comes with basic smart functions you will need as a cyclist, especially the hands free calling. And the built in goggles also helps its case since goggles are very useful when riding bikes. This way you won’t have to remember bringing lots of things with you when you decide to go cycling outside. You have all you need with the helmet. The helmet itself, wireless mic and speakers for calls and goggles, all built into one.

  •  Has built in goggles
  •  Has wireless Bluetooth and mic functionality
  • Does not have LED indicator lights
  • Does not have SOS functionality
  • Does not have GPS

6. Generic Smart Bike Helmet with LED flashing Left & Right

Susprisingly, this is a generic bike helmet that made it to our list of 8 best smart helmets. This one made it to the list for good reason, it is a good smart helmet. One of the main features of this generic smart helmet is that it can do hands free phone calls because it is built with wireless speakers and microphone. And through the wireless speakers, you could also listen to some music while riding without the need to bring any headsets or earphones along. You could even change songs, play and pause and adjust the music volume through the helmet paired with its remote control attached to the bike handles. It is also installed with LED lights that indicate your direction before turning left or right.

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Conclusion: For a generic smart helmet, this one is definitely going to be a great buy. It has all the awesome functionalities of its branded counterparts and functions even better than others. It is made with a strong and sturdy polycarbonate material so you won’t have to worry about its build quality either.

  •  Good build quality
  •  Has LED indicators
  •  Has hands free calling and wireless music listening
  • No GPS
  •  No SOS functionality

7. Airwheel C5 Intelligent Helmet with Front Camera and Bluetooth Speaker

From its name alone, you’d be impressed as to what this smart helmet from Airwheel can do. First of all, it comes with a free mobile app that helps you with all your helmet’s functionality. The most awesome feature about this helmet is that it has a front camera. Therefore, you won’t need any external helmet cameras and the additional gear needed to attach them when you choose to buy the smart helmet from Airwheel. The mobile app helps you in taking photos and shooting videos while riding on your bike on the go. The camera has 2K resolution video which isn’t that bad considering it’s a built in helmet camera. Plus, it has wireless call answering facility that allows the cyclist to answer calls hands free without taking their hands off the bike handles. It is made with high quality and strong material which ensures its durability especially when you get into some kind of unavoidable accidents. And it is pretty light weight considering that it is lugging around a camera of its own all the time.

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Conclusion: This can be considered as another great buy when you decide to go with this smart helmet from Airwheel. This is a pretty great smart helmet if you are into shooting videos or taking pictures when riding on your bicycle. This way you won’t need to purchase a separate external camera because you have one built in on your helmet already.

  •  Has a built in front camera for taking photos and shooting videos
  •  Has wireless calling functionality
  •  You can also listen to music with Bluetooth speakers on the go
  •  Does not have LED light turn signals
  •  Does not have GPS
  •  Does not have SOS system

8. Sena Smart Cycling Helmet with HD Audio Speakers and Microphone

Last but not the least on our list of the 8 Best Smart Helmets with Cool Technology for 2018 is the Smart Cycling Helmet from Sena. Like the others, it also has a fully functional Bluetooth speakers and microphone to take calls and listen to music while riding your bicycle. And these functions come in high definition, no less. Something unique that this product has and not every product on this list has is that it has Walkie-Talkie functionality so you could talk with your cycling buddies on the go for a distance of up to 900 meters or half a mile away in open terrain. One thing that this smart helmet has that others don’t is that it connects with your phone’s applications for fitness, GPS, music and calls. It is a very easy smart helmet to use since it comes with only three control buttons on the side for easier control. And you won’t have to charge this one as much because it has a large battery capacity that could last up to 16 hours talk time with just 3.5 hours of charging.

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Conclusion: As said earlier, this helmet is definitely not the least in this list. It has many functions that the other helmets don’t have. Although it still has its downsides, this is still a pretty great option.

  •  Walkie-Talkie function
  •  It connects with apps on the phone
  •  Long battery life
  •  No LED indicators