Best Hybrid Table Saw Reviews for 2020 ‒ How to Choose the Best Sawing Tool

The best hybrid table saw reviews for 2018 ‒ how to choose the best sawing tool
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Guide to Buying a Hybrid Table Saw 2019-2020

Maybe you are engaged in woodworking on a professional basis and are looking for the best version of a table saw so as to carry out different projects. Or you own a home-based craft business and are in search of a high-quality model for your homemade products.

No matter which category of users you belong to, it is important to buy quality equipment that will be in use for many years.

Choosing the Best Hybrid Table Saw Can Be a Tiresome Task

Hybrid table saws combine the best qualities of sawing machines and table saws. If you purchase such a work tool, you will get a double benefit at a lower cost. Thus, it is economically beneficial and you gain from it greatly.

So what should you know in order to choose the best option for yourself if you are going to look for one on your own? Although each of the saws available on the market has its own unique features, there are a number of specific points to look at before purchasing this or that model.

Important Basic Qualities of Hybrid Table Saws

Dimensions: If your workroom is small, you need a saw that can fit into it.

Power: What is the specific purpose you are going to use the equipment for most of the time? The power and maximum cutting factors should meet your needs. It is one thing if more often you need to saw up hardwood that is less than 2.5 cm thick. And it is a completely different thing if every day you work with thick maple wood.

Safety: Table saws are inherently dangerous in nature. Therefore, security is always an important criterion. Most saws are equipped with a riving knife to prevent the kickback of the wood piece, which is one of the main causes of accidents when working with saws. But different models offer other options for security. For example, it may be a protective cover.

Dust collection system: It is one of the main issues for stationary saws, and it is also urgent for low-quality hybrid table saws. You will need a dust separator with the diameter of at least 10 cm. Without a proper dust collection system you will have to deal with endless cleaning problems. Your health is also at risk.

Quality: How good is the guide system? Good alignment depends on the quality of the guide system in the first place. A high-quality belt system is also required. It is intended to prevent slipping motions and loss of capacity.

One of the reasons why it is so important to read reviews from customers about hybrid saws is that in this case you will have a clear idea of ​​what models are not equipped with good guide systems and what belt systems are prone to breakdowns.

Ease of assembly: All the functions will not matter if you are not able to assemble the working machine in the right way. Assembling should be a simple task and the instructions should be comprehensible. Problems with the assembly lead not only to poor performance, but they can be extremely dangerous!

Price: This factor can not be ignored. After all, one of the reasons for buying a hybrid saw is that the cost of full-size sawing machines is too high.

Hybrid Table Saws Versus Other Types of Table Saws

Before hybrid saws appeared on the market, amateur craftsmen had only two possible options at their disposal.

The first one was to acquire a stationary sawing machine which offers the best performance capabilities. This equipment takes up a lot of space; it is heavy and very expensive. Whereas for a contractor such an investment can be economically justified, for an ordinary amateur the price is too high.

The other option was to get a more affordable table saw. But the problem is that they are not so good and the ultimate result turns out to be worse. They do not have enough power to make furniture, and they are difficult to adjust. Such equipment also often features very poor dust collection systems. These saws have high need for proper maintenance, and they still tend to break down more easily.

Hybrid saws have become a new, third option. They possess a lot of functions that are inherent in sawing machines and are not available in table saws. They are more compact and less expensive than stationary machines. But they provide a better result than table saws and do not require complicated maintenance work.

Application of Hybrid Table Saws

This tool is ideal for any type of project home masters or woodworkers usually carry out.

These saws are capable of performing the same household and small commercial work that sawing machines do. They are absolutely great for small furniture production and for creative projects.

With this saw you can make different types of furniture for your home. For example, simple working and kitchen tables, chairs, cupboards and bookshelves.

Top Reviews of 2019-2020 for Hybrid Table Saws

  • Shop Fox W1851 Hybrid Cabinet Table Saw with Extension Table.
  • Shop Fox W1824 2 HP 110V Pre-Wired 220V Hybrid Table Saw.
  • Grizzly G0715P Polar Bear Series Hybrid Table Saw with Riving Knife.
  • LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion 36in.
  • Shop Fox W1837 10″ 2 hp Open-Stand Hybrid Table Saw.
  • Woodtek 159665, Machinery, 10″ Left Tile 2hp Hybrid Table Saw.
  • Powermatic PM1000 1791000K Table Saw 30-Inch Fence.
  • Jet JPS-10TS, 10-inch Proshop Tablesaw with 30-inch Fence, Steel Wing and With Riving Knife.

Do you want to know which hybrid saw will suit your needs best of all? Find the most suitable option among these TOP applicants of 2019-2020.

Table of Characteristics of the Best Hybrid Table Saws

Picture Product name Main characteristics Price on Amazon
Shop Fox W1851 Hybrid Cabinet Table Saw with Extension Table Shop Fox W1851 Hybrid Cabinet Table Saw with Extension Table Blade tilt: Left, 0°–45°.
Motor: 2 HP, 110V/220V, single-phase, TEFC (Pre-Wired for 220V).
Weight: 410lbs.
Check Price
 – Shop Fox W1824 2 HP 110V Pre-Wired 220V Hybrid Table Saw out of stock
 – Grizzly G0715P Polar Bear Series Hybrid Table Saw with Riving Knife out of stock
Shop Fox W1837 10" 2 hp Open-Stand Hybrid Table Saw Shop Fox W1837 10″ 2 hp Open-Stand Hybrid Table Saw Blade tilt: Left, 0°–45°.
Motor: 2 HP, 120V/240V, single-phase motor prewired to run on a 120V, 20A circuit.
Weight: 260lbs.
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Woodtek 159665, Machinery, 10" Left Tile 2hp Hybrid Table Saw Woodtek 159665, Machinery, 10″ Left Tile 2hp Hybrid Table Saw Blade tilt: Left, 0°–45°.
Motor: 2HP, 1PH, 115/230V.
Weight: 351lbs.
Check Price
Powermatic PM1000 1791000K Table Saw 30-Inch Fence Powermatic PM1000 1791000K Table Saw 30-Inch Fence Blade tilt: Left, 0°–45°.
Motor: 1-3/4HP motor, 115V.
Weight: 418lbs.
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Jet JPS-10TS, 10-inch Proshop Tablesaw with 30-inch Fence, Steel Wing and With Riving Knife Jet JPS-10TS, 10-inch Proshop Tablesaw with 30-inch Fence, Steel Wing and With Riving Knife Blade tilt: Left, 0°–45°.
Motor: 110V.
Weight: 238lbs.
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1. Shop Fox W1851 Hybrid Cabinet Table Saw with Extension Table

This table saw is the best one in terms of security, thanks to which it often stands out against the background of its competitors. In addition, it is capable of easily making longitudinal and transverse saw cuts without causing any problems.

Moreover, in this model it is possible to adjust the table and the guides. It ensures that they will be absolutely parallel to the blade, providing an easier and more accurate cut.

In addition, the two-position guide rail guarantees high security measures, especially when working with wood of different thickness.

The dimensions of the saw are 68*39*48 inches, and the inclination angle of the saw blade is adjustable from 0° to 45°. The size of the extended table is 27*55 inches.


  • The model is equipped with a quick-detachable cover and a riving knife which minimizes the risk of jamming even with blind cuts.
  • The blade guard in this table saw has a dust collector as well as a directional airflow to effectively collect dust and debris.
  • Single-phase two-horsepower motor running at 110/ 220V. The preset value is 220V.
  • Polished cast-iron table with extensible surfaces.


  • Have loads of safety features.
  • No kickbacks due to design of its riving knife.
  • Has a dust port for efficient use, no debris mess for interference.
  • Uses a 2HP motor.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Comes with a convenient user manual.
  • Easy to use and maintain.


  • Pricey but worth every penny.
  • Tough to move due to it’s heavy weight.

2. Shop Fox W1824 2 HP 110V Pre-Wired 220V Hybrid Table Saw

This model offers the best functions of sawing machines with additional functionality of table saws. Thanks to its design users get the opportunity to perform work on a professional level.

It also features several built-in security functions aimed at minimizing the possibility of accidents and any work-related injuries.

The equipment has a high horsepower ‒ two horsepower. This power is enough to process wood in less time.

Due to the operating power of 2 hp and the depth of cut of up to 30 inches you will be able to cut any type of wood without any trouble. With these remarkable characteristics you can do more work within a short space of time.

The equipment works both on 110V and on 220V. In the second case it demonstrates its ability to cope with hard materials. The risk of breakdown is ruled out at that.

The Shop Fox W1824 also has a precise riving knife that can be transposed during the work with incomplete cuts. This option is especially required in works when it is not necessary to cut through the entire piece of wood.

The heavy cast-iron table makes it possible to work with any type of wood, irrespective of the size of the piece.


  • Shockproof pawls also act as a safety measure, as they prevent kickbacks
  • Dimensions: 58*36*40 inches. The machine can easily fit into a medium sized workroom.
  • Protective cover made of transparent polycarbonate also provides safety. It makes it possible to clearly see the work of the blade and minimizes the risk of injuries and other accidents in the process of work.
  • Easily sliding T-rail with HDPE coating. It can easily slide, ensures high accuracy and can be reliably fixed.
  • The blade speed is 3850 rpm, and the maximum slot width is 13/16 inches. The maximum depth of cut at an angle of 90° is 3⅛ inches.

Hybrid table saw Shop Fox W1824 is a good choice for anyone who is focused on the exact accomplishment of projects making use of the useful functions of the sawing machine with a high degree of safety.

The advantages of this saw, without exaggeration, outweigh the price component. So you get a high quality tool for reasonable money.


  • Durable and comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • Once the blade is aligned properly, there’s no need to adjust the meter gauge and fence.
  • Has a 4-inch dust port for dust collection.
  • Cast iron trunnions to support the top.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Set-up is time consuming.
  • Moving the table saw is relatively difficult.
  • It can be tricky to adjust the blade.
  • The table saw is delivered in several boxes, causing a slight delay in the delivery time.

3. Grizzly G0715P Polar Bear Series Hybrid Table Saw with Riving Knife

With the dimensions of 60*36*40 inches, this model is considered one of the best on the market. It combines the easy movement of the contractor saw and the dust control features of the cabinet saw. It also has anti-kickback pawls that prevent any possible kickbacks.


  • 2 HP motor. This remarkable power is combined with the rotation speed of the saw blade of 3850 rpm. The saw Grizzly G0715P is capable of cutting literally any wood.
  • The maximum depth of cut at an angle of 90° is 3.5 inches, which enables to make straight cuts relatively easily.
  • At an angle of 45° the cutting depth of the blade can be 3.18 inches.

Being one of the best-selling saws, this magnificent table saw provides users with a great number of useful features that will help you realize your projects without any difficulties.


  • Assembling this saw requires NO special skill.
  • It can be used for both DIY crafts and professional projects
    interchangeable riving knife.
  • Quick and noiseless operations.
  • An outstanding accuracy is obtainable with the CamlocAk T-shaped Fence system.
  • Every bolt, nut and hole is properly placed.


  • Difficult to move.
  • It’s a couple of inches longer at 60 inches.

LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion 36inIt is suitable for operation activity in workshops of medium size. One of the advantages of this model is that it does not require separate wiring. You do not have to trouble yourself by laying the wiring for 220 volts, since the saw works at 110V.

Although, there is the possibility of switching to 220V.

The Laguna Tools Fusion 36-inch Hybrid table saw has a built-in wheel system. Therefore, you will not have difficulties with its transposition.

The model is notable for the increased stability due to the fact that the axes of rotation are mounted on the frame. It secures an additional advantage over other saws, since you can perform more operations with higher stabilization.

This system also simplifies the setting of any axis angle when working with wood.

This model also features an excellent head adjustment for cutting at an angle, a saw blade and guides along the carriage.

Unlike other hybrid saws, whose maximum depth of cut is limited to 30 inches, with the help of this table saw you can cut as deep as 36 inches. You can easily cut any type of wood.


  • It features a quick change riving knife designed to make your work easier and better.
  • The extension and top wings are literally flawless. These wings are highly polished and the finishing is topnotch. The cleanliness coupled with the packaging makes it one of the best saws on the market.
  • It transmits fewer vibrations during operations. Fewer vibrations mean that you will experience little or no disturbance while performing your woodwork and DIY projects.


  • Step by step assembling guidelines are offered by the operating ma​​​​​nual.
  • It has an excellent magnifying lens.
  • The maintenance and the re-lubrication process is relatively easy.
  • There is a 4-inch dust extraction port.
  • The riving knife enhances safety during operations by preventing kickbacks.
  • Projects are done with high accuracy and precision.
  • It can be easily moved around the workshop.


  • Unpacking it is time-consuming especially for a single person.
  • There are errors in the labeling of the pictures in the operating manual.
  • The Carbide blade of this hybrid saw can be easily deformed

5. Shop Fox W1837 10″ 2 hp Open-Stand Hybrid Table Saw

Possessing the power of 2 hp and the saw blade speed of 3450 rpm, Shop Fox W1837 will be very useful for those people who are looking for a tool for precise and careful work with wood.

With the depth of cut of 30 inches on the right side and 15 inches on the left, this saw makes a highly accurate cut on any type of wood.

Shop Fox W1837 has a dust collector so as to make the work process clean and free of dust. It also comes with a two-year warranty. You can request replacement or get a free after-sales service in case of any damage.


  • There is a safety precaution for non-through cutting operations. The riving knife is interchangeable, offering you protection during non-through cutting operations.
  • The height and angle can be adjusted according to the user’s preferences.
  • You can set the inclination angle of the saw blade from 0° to 45°.
  • The saw can easily be moved inside the workshop. There will be no problems with it due to the built-in wheelbase.

The main disadvantage concerning this hybrid saw is the complexity of its assembly and the difficulties that arise when connecting its components. Regardless of these difficulties, Shop Fox W1837 will be a good solution for people who are searching for a high-quality hybrid table saw.

Although this model has some disadvantages, its advantages outweigh them. It means that you will get an excellent product for your money.


  • High accuracy and precise cuts.
  • Has a dust resistant feature.
  • Easy to move around.
  • Cheap and provides value.


  • Complex to assemble.

6. Woodtek 159665, Machinery, 10″ Left Tile 2hp Hybrid Table Saw

Woodtek 159665, Machinery, 10" Left Tile 2hp Hybrid Table SawThis model was included in the list of the best saws thanks to the built-in three-roller system of rollers, which makes it easy to place the saw and work indoors. Moreover, the dimensions of the table are 27*44*35 inches.

At the base of the saw there is a fully enclosed cabinet with a 4-inch nozzle to receive the ejected dust and debris. In addition, the Euro design of the dust cover makes it possible for you to easily capture dust directly from the working area of ​​the cut.

By the way, the depth of cut at the inclination of 90° is 3.25 inches, while at 45° it is possible to make a saw cut of up to 2 inches. This hybrid table saw is driven by a 2-horsepower single-phase motor that can be connected to a 115/ 230V mains. The weight of the machine is 102 kg, and the maximum width of its cut is 13/16 inches.


  • T-shaped guide system with the maximum cutting depth of 30 inches.
  • Its cast-iron top, as well as the solid wings, often ensures the finish is smooth and even.
  • Its riving knife splitter comes with a see-through blade guard for accuracy during cutting.
  • The diameter of the saw blade is 10 inches, the inclination angle of the blade is 0-45°


  • This table saw features a riving knife splitter with a see-through blade guard.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty that covers different parts and workmanship.
  • It has a 2 HP motor that works with 115/230V.
  • Its maximum rip capacity is 30-inches.
  • Very affordable given its functionality.
  • Very easy to assemble and comes with a convenient user manual.
  • Easy to maintain.


  • It is very heavy and can be hard to move around.

7. Powermatic PM1000 1791000K Table Saw 30-Inch Fence

Powermatic machines are recognized as the “gold standard” in the US, which means not only an exclusive design and finish, but also remarkable in their category characteristics. For example, besides sawing the PM1000 is capable of performing some milling tasks the special design of the arbor, the clamping flanges and the replaceable saw table inserts make it possible to use dado blades. This popular accessory considerably extends the functionality of the sawing machine. To make the replacement of the cutting tool even more convenient, an arbor-lock mechanism is provided which is rarely found in other sawing machines.

The standard kitting-up for the circular saw PM1000 includes two table extension wings made of cast iron, as well as a hard, providing precise work parallel stop with eccentric clamp. The user can move the stop along a special rail, which makes it possible to saw workpiece blanks of considerable width, even larger than the size of the table with extensions. To make the cuts at an angle, a sliding stop is applied, which is mounted in one of the two T-tracks.

To ensure high-quality operation without vibration, all the parts responsible for it such as the tables, the saw unit and the parts of the frame are made of heavy cast iron. The control system that includes massive polished flywheels emphasizes the high class of the machine.


  • Shaft locking mechanism to facilitate the replacement of the saw blade.
  • Saw unit made of cast iron.
  • Saw blade tilt adjustment.
  • Cut depth adjustment.
  • Table made of cast iron.
  • Removable table extension wing made of cast iron on the left.
  • Removable table extension wing made of cast iron on the right.
  • Adjustable parallel stop with eccentric clamp.
  • Sliding angle stop with the rail along the T-track.

8. Jet JPS-10TS, 10-inch Proshop Tablesaw with 30-inch Fence, Steel Wing and With Riving Knife

It is a professional circular saw with a large table and a very reliable saw mechanism which gives the possibility to tilt the saw blade and adjust its height.

The built-in locking system for the saw unit allows you to quickly and safely replace the saw blade. The heavy smooth and polished cast iron table with two T-shaped grooves to ensure the movement of the stop (sawing at different angles) provides a large working surface.

The closed cabinet with a 100 mm nozzle ensures the efficiency of sawdust collection when connected to a dust extractor or a vacuum cleaner, and the original legs secure a reliable stability of the machine.

The weight of the machine, the possibility of adjusting the saw blade, the absence of vibration and the speed of the saw blade (4000 rpm), as well as the fixed fastening from both sides of the table of the parallel stop (with the high precision of a ruler) ensure a high cut quality, accuracy and geometry of the parts produced.

The Best Hybrid Table Saw ‒ Make Your Choice

The wrong decision taken when buying a hybrid saw will be a disappointment.

There are a lot of models of hybrid saws, but only a few actually possess high quality characteristics of sawing and safety.

So, when choosing a quality saw, remember the following selection criteria:

  • Surgeless activation prevents jerking of the mounting when the tool is turned on.
  • The maintenance of revolutions under load makes it possible to make cuts in hard materials without loss of productivity.
  • Dust removal will eliminate the waste in wood processing.
  • The illumination system improves visibility in the operating area, which increases the accuracy of work.
  • The quick brake system is provided to ensure the safety of the craftsman.
  • Rollers in floor-standing models are useful if you need to move the machine around the operating area.


The favorite choice saw is Laguna Fusion Tools. This hybrid table saw combines neatness and safety, which ensures a unique experience for all woodworkers, both beginners and professionals.

Laguna Fusion Tools is a good choice for complex woodwork and for DIY projects.

Being affordable and of high quality, this hybrid table saw is recommended for both professionals and ordinary craftsmen who want to implement different projects with high accuracy and neatness.