Top-5 Ping Pong Paddles 2020 – Choosing the Best Model

Top Ping Pong Paddles – Choosing the Best Model
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Choosing the right paddle for yourself

Playing ping pong is a wonderful option for active leisure – after all, millions of its fans all over the world can’t be wrong! In the USA, this is a sport both for home entertainment and professional competition alongside with football and basketball.

It’s fun and quite cheap: after all, you need nothing but a table, paddles and balls! If you really like to play ping-pong and spend time with your family or friends holding paddles then sooner or later you will face the issue of choosing and purchasing good paddles. Various online stores have a fairly large selection of such paddles – but how to choose the right one?

What you need to consider when buying ping pong paddle

At first glance it seems that choosing paddle for ping pong is not that difficult. But in reality, even professional players might get lost in such a huge assortment of handles and rubber. What should we do in order to choose the paddle of a really good quality and face disappointment after the purchase?

Basic factors


Blade is the most significant part of a paddle. It determines maneuverability and speed. Most often it is made of several layers of different wood glued and dried under pressure.

High-quality body ensures quick and easy learning and improvement of skills.


These are special covers glued to the body on both sides. Rubber may be smooth or pimpled. It is responsible for the spin, serve speed and ball control.


Good handle feels very comfortable in the hand. The right handle will not slip or rub the skin. The shape of a handle will let you quickly master the game and improve your skills. The choice of a model often depends on player’s grip – Asian or European.


The paddle shouldn’t be too heavy otherwise the hand will quickly get tired. At the same time, extremely lightweight model will not work either, as it will catch unnecessary vibrations and it will affect the control which will in turn affect the final result of a match itself. The ideal weight of a good model coupled with rubber is 0.3-0.4 pounds.

Top-5 best ping pong paddles

  • JP WinLook Ping Pong Paddle.
  • JOOLA 4-Player Indoor Table Tennis Hit Set.
  • Harvil 4-Player Table Tennis Racket.
  • Feed the Fit Ping Pong Paddle Set.
  • Champion Sports Anywhere Table Tennis.

Table of the main characteristics for best ping pong paddles

Picture Product name Special features Price on Amazon
JOOLA 4-Player Indoor Table Tennis Hit Set JOOLA 4-Player Indoor Table Tennis Hit Set The all-in-one set includes all of the rackets and balls needed for a 4-person game of table tennis.
Smooth rubber.
Straight handle.
Three-ply veneer.
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Harvil 4-Player Table Tennis Racket Harvil 4-Player Table Tennis Racket The 1.5 mm yellow sponge in the racket suits a defensive style of play.
Perfect beginners table tennis equipment.
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Feed the Fit Ping Pong Paddle Set Feed the Fit Ping Pong Paddle Set The wooden blade makes it much easier to learn how to loop and block, attack and defend.
Regardless of whether you are an attacking or defensive player, this blade will suit your style of play.
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Champion Sports Anywhere Table Tennis Champion Sports Anywhere Table Tennis Net posts clamp onto table tops measuring up to 75 inches across and 1.75 inches.
Set Includes 2 Paddles, 3 Balls, Expandable/Retractable Net, and Mesh Carrying Bag.
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A set of 4 paddles of standard colors – black and red, eight 40-millimeter white balls, net and bag. This manufacturer has a good reputation and offers a wide selection of sports equipment.

Paddles have a five-layer wooden blade and an ergonomic handle for ensuring comfort during long gaming sessions, elastic pads, eco- friendly (natural) rubber,  and a medium-soft sponge. The edge of the paddle is covered with a special compound to avoid early wear.

If the customer is not satisfied with the quality of the product, the manufacturer offers a 60-day money back guarantee and a one-year free replacement warranty.


  • Paddles make a great gift idea.
  • All paddles work great.
  • Paddles come with 8 balls.
  • Paddles are covered by a 60-day warranty.


  • The manufacturer should consider gluing the handles better. Otherwise, the 4 paddles are great.

2. JOOLA 4-Player Indoor Table Tennis Hit Set

Joola is a well-known and reputable manufacturer of sports equipment for ping pong. Before premium models get to the production line, they are necessarily tested by ping pong experts including coaches and professional players.

JOOLA 4-Player Indoor Table Tennis Hit Set is designed for amateur athletes. The kit consists of 4 red rackets and eight 40-millimeter balls (4 white, 4 orange), case for storage and carrying.

JOOLA designed the Spinforce with a unique system that includes plywood and carbon in its blade. A thin layer of sponge added to the surface of the wood helps absorb some of the shock and power of the shots that come at you, while the Infinity rubber over that sponge sends back balls with an impressive amount of force. The paddle features seven thin layers of wood inside the blade for maximum power.


  • Good control over shots.
  • Impressive power on the shots.


  • Soft carrying case doesn’t protect balls from being crushed during transport.

This is a ping pong kit for 4 players – 4 rackets and 8 balls (orange and white), the storage pack is made of nylon. Sponge thickness is 1,5 mm.

The manufacturer does not try to make an impression – almost half of the product description is made up of assurances that the funds will be returned in case of any defects or the manufacturer will repair or replace low-quality parts in 90-day period.


  • Budget model.
  • Attractive design.


  • Rubber easily falls off.

4. Feed the Fit Ping Pong Paddle Set

A bundle of 4 paddles, 12 balls of two different colors and a waterproof carrying bag made of top-notch materials with the use of the most modern technologies.

Speed, control and spin delivered by the paddle is great, it is perfect for both attacking and defensive style of play.

Its wooden blade is finely balanced – it works well for teaching beginners and allows mastering advanced techniques.


  • Good quality.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Optimal weight and nice ergonomics.


  • Rubber is too thin.
  • Poor quality of balls.

5. Champion Sports Anywhere Table Tennis

The bundle contains the complete kit to start the game – 2 rackets (black and blue), 3 balls and a net.

The paddle nicely controls the direction of hitting the ball; it is good for both attacking and defensive game style.

The he handle has an ergonomic design; it has a little less than four inches in length, and will feel comfortable even during long matches.

The kit is easy to store as it is compact and comes with a carrying bag.


  • Serve for a long time.
  • The balls are lightweight and offer good control.
  • Nice price/quality ratio.


Not a good option for aggressive players.

Best ping pong paddles

Table tennis is a dynamic and exciting game that requires maximum control and concentration from the players. Skills and training alone is not enough for victory as you also need good sports accessories such as reliable ping pong paddle. This is the kind of sport where equipment should be chosen especially carefully because victory hugely depends on comfort, control and spin.

Choosing ping pong paddle is an individual matter: you should take into account the level of play and the conditions in which the matches will be held.

Cheap models will work fine for beginners while professional players will have to spend a little more money on something more impressive. However, with the correct approach the expected result will speak for itself.


If you are looking for a paddle that will suit both amateur and players with experience, then JP WinLook Ping Pong Paddle 4 Pack model will be the best option.

This is a bundle of four paddles with durable wooden handles, eight balls and a bag for storage or carrying.

The paddles are made with a 5 ply wood blade and slightly flared handle, and the blade is topped with a cushiony yellow sponge layer covered in high performance red or black rubber.

JP Winlook paddle is a great choice for players of all levels (beginners, amateurs or pros) who want to improve their playing skills.

Paddles come with a 60-day money-back guarantee and one-year replacement warranty.

The JP Winlook paddle kit is easy to use, store, and transport which makes it a great option for a gift for the whole family or friends.