Best Hunting Knife Reviews – Handy Tips

The Best Hunting Knife According to Hunters’ Reviews and Handy Tips
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How to choose a best hunting knife

The hunting world is a tough and dangerous place. Successful cropping and even survival of a hunter depend on a decent blade and a well-directed rifle.

Hunting knives usually come handy for skinning, trophy making, finishing off and viscera removal. They can also prove useful when travelling and setting the camp up.

In rough environment, a knife is as much an instrument of survival and daily activities as a pair of hardy shoes, a set of proper clothes or a flask of clean water.

Hundreds of various manufacturers claim their knives to be made of the best steel, have the sharpest cutting blade and the most durable handle. On closer scrutiny, these offerings differ greatly in price and quality. If you are a novice to the hunting world, it will be a tough task indeed to choose a proper blade.

What’s worth special attention when looking for a hunting knife?


The weapon’s hilt is a crucial part. It has to be made of a antiskid material that will prevent the wet knife from slipping out of your hand in humid weather. Even an ultra-high quality of Damascus steel, installed in an uncomfortable, flimsy handle will be no advantage at all. The handle should be made out of wood or rubberized metal. It is best to avoid handles from cheap hollow plastic.


The blade should be of the highest possible quality steel and take edge well. The shape of the blade has to be selected individually.


The sheath is just as important as the blade and the handle. It should fit the weapon snugly, and fastened on the equipment with the same level of reliability. Without a proper sheath the knife can slip out and get lost.

To avoid common mistakes when buying your very first knife, determine beforehand for what purposes you are going to use it, and always take into account the design of the knife, its functionality and the quality of the cutting edge. If you are a newcomer, any of our options will suit you. Those are tried and true products, well distinguished for the quality of their steel, handles and knife-edges.

Top-5 best hunting knives

  • GerberBear Grylls Ultimate Knife, Serrated Edge.
  • GerberVital Big Game Folder.
  • KershawClash Black Serrated.
  • MoraknivCompanion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife.
  • BuckKnives 110 Famous Folding Hunter Knife.

Here is our pool of the best hunting knives

Picture Product name Special features Price on Amazon
GerberBear Grylls Ultimate Knife, Serrated Edge 4.75-inch half-serrated drop-point blade for quick, versatile cuts.
Full-tang, stainless steel construction for durability
Ergonomic, non-slip rubber grip for comfortable, accurate handling.
Lanyard includes loud emergency whistle.
Military-grade mildew resistant nylon sheath.
Sheath includes fire starter and diamond blade sharpener.
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Gerber Vital Big Game Folder GerberVital Big Game Folder Split Sec Tech push button blade exchange system.
Blade Length: 3.75″.
Overall Length: 11″.
Handle Length: 6″.
Weight: 4.9 oz.
Includes 4 extra blades: 2 drop point and 2 blunt tip.
Pocket clip for sheath or pocket carry.
Lock Style: lock back.
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Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife MoraknivCompanion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife High-quality Swedish steel is razor sharp and exceptionally tough.
Stainless steel blade stays sharp longer than carbon steel, and is less prone to rust.
Blade length: 4.1 inches, blade thickness: 0.1 inch, overall length: 8.6 inches, weight: 4.1 oz.
Manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty.
Made in Sweden.
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Buck Knives 110 Famous Folding Hunter Knife Buck Knives 110 Famous Folding Hunter Knife Stainless Steel Clip Blade has excellent strength , edge retention and is corrosion resistant.
The Clip blade has a very sharp controllable point, and is good for detail work, piercing and slicing.
The lock back mechanism locks the blade open for reliable strength and safety while you work.
Closed length 4-7/8″.
Weight 7.2 oz.
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1. Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife, Serrated Edge

This knife combines qualitative execution, reliable materials and functionality, according to the experience of a well-known adventurer Bear Grylls. Such a weapon without a doubt will come in handy on hunting trips. Weather you need to open a can of stew, cut a sling or a branch, finish off and gut the game, all this is within Knife Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate scope of abilities.

Its unique characteristics are:

  • Serrated blade designed for cutting slings, ropes and branches.
  • The hilt is covered with a special rubberlike material that prevents it from slipping out of your hand even in snow, rain and mud.
  • The cross-guard on the hilt is made of steel, can be used as a hammer.
  • For an emergency situation, the knife is equipped with a whistle, attached to the cross-guard with a small cord, which can is easily detachable.
  • The sheath is made of shockproof nylon. Lightweight, durable and not susceptible to mold and mildew, equipped additionally with a tinderbox and diamond knife-grinder.
  • Bear Grylls’ survival guide is also included.

In the field, the knife proved itself as a reliable professional multifunctional survival tool that passed all the thinkable tests. The thing works as a strap cutter, sawing, hammer, cutting knife, etc.


  • Quality steel
  • Skid resistant hilt
  • Reliable design.
  • Survival kit included (tinderbox, diamond knife-grinder, whistle).


  • High price.
  • The tinderbox occasionally gets lost.

2. Gerber Vital Big Game Folder

This is a perfect innovative knife with a folding design. Its unique characteristic is a rekiable blade replacement system. In comparison with previous models, this one is larger, which performes well for more comfortable work with the carcass, fish and game. Another undoubted advantage is a set of 4 additional blades.


  • Detachable blades increase not only the efficiency, but also the durability of the blades, due to their timely change.
  • Compact collapsible version has optimal measurements and functionality, well adapted for the needs of a hunter.
  • Excellent equipment – five interchangeable blades, as well as a special blade for cutting hides and lines. A belt clip is a good bonus too.
  • Useful design – bright colors will help you find a knife that has slipped out of your pocket, even in the thickest grass.
  • Quality materials and lifetime warranty.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


  • High price.
  • Extra blades cannot be found easily.

This knife model is ideal for those who look for a high-quality, multipurpose and compact tool.

Kershaw’s compact pocket stainless steel hunting knife is equipped with a system of secure high-speed disclosure.

The handle is made of nylon of a special texture that provides excellent grip and prevents the knife from slipping out of the hand even in the most humid weather. A great option at a low price.


  • High quality stainless steel.
  • Black-oxide rust-resistant coating of the blade.
  • A durable blade, suitable for daily tasks as well as for hunting trips.
  • SpeedSafe features a rich handle, assisted opening, built-in flipper, secure locking liner and reversible pocket clip.


  • Narrower functionality in comparison to other knives of its class.

4. Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife

This is the best option when it comes value for money factor. The knife is made of stainless steel and is very easy in use. It is a plain and completely unpretentious knife, equipped with everything you might need for comfortable usage on common hunting trips.


  • Price.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Rubberized hilt.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • Comfortable shape of the hilt.


  • Plain.

5. Buck Knives 110 Famous Folding Hunter Knife

One of the most famous hunting knives. Its unique characteristic is a hilt made of genuine leather. The blade has a vee-shape, which effects positively the weapon’s performance when used for cutting and stabbing. The flawless balance of eye appeal and quality.


  • Durable and safe. The knife can be effortlessly and safely opened with one finger.
  • Combines beauty, balance and reliability.
  • The handle is made of genuine leather.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • High quality materials.


  • High price.

Conclusion – Hunting knife top choice

A hunting knife is an essential tool your very life depends on. Whether you use it to gut the carcass, go through a thick bush, or cut small branches, no other knife can do the job with the same level of performance. At the same time, choosing a suitable item is not an easy task, especially for a novice in this business. Avid hunters claim that the best knives come only with experience!


Kershaw Clash Black Serrated being an inexpensive knife with solidpositive feedback from experienced hunters seems to be the best value for moneydue to its excellent performance and reliable though plain design.

The knife fits any hand perfectly, with any grip. The blade turns around with surprising ease, the lock works neat enough, leaving no wiggle room. The knife handle is designed very fixedly and securely.

This knife, being reliable, sharp and handy is a perfect tool for day-to-day use!